Thursday, 31 May 2012

Return to Sheepwash

It had been  very long time since i have visited Sheepwash, as much more time had to be foucused on studies, however, i found myself back on 21st for the first time since January.
It was nice to be back at the park, however, birdlife today was rather dissapointing!
Highlight was surely the first HOBBY ive ever seen at the park which flew over the main Pumphouse pool towards the chemical pool with prey (presumably a hirudine) in its talons, it seemed to drop down into trees, but was not relocated, or seen again, 4 Common Tern were resting on the rocks but otherwhys, birdwise, it was dead.
It was a supprise to see 5 birder on site while i was there, the most ive ever seen at one time there!

So, with birdlife practically non-existant, we switched to buttefly mode, and we soon found the personal highlight of the day, 2 stunning male GREEN HAIRSTREAK butterflies! The first ive even seen at the park, and only the 2nd time ive seen one!

3 Brimstone butteflys were 'around' and a single Common Blue was also spotted. Also, a few recently emerged Common Blue Damselflies were spotted.


Jason K said...

Nice one on finding the Green Hairstreak Craig. I didn't know they occured at Sheepwash

midlands birder said...

Same, i had no idea Green hairstreak occured at Sheepwash, which led to more suprise when we found them, apparently theres only a few previous records and is quite rare in the county!