Tuesday, 22 May 2012



I manadged to get in a little bit of sneaky twitching to Upton Warren at 9:20 PM in almost darkness to see the LITTLE GULL, which has taken up tempory residence there, i did manadge to get some video footage, however, my SD Card corrupted and i lost all footage from the Gull (and the remainder of this post) and all the footage from a non-birding visit to London, A timely reminder to back up anything taken ASAP rather than having to wait because of revision.
Luckily, i manadged to recover most of the photos from the memory card!

A early walk along the patch was moderatly rewarding, Whitethroats are now back in huge numbers and birds seemed to be calling from every suitable bit of habitat along the walk. There seemingly more common this summer, (As are Swift and Willow Warbler, Sudgestions?). A Garden Warbler was showing form the Garden, and a further 3 were located around the patch.
A Pait of GOOSANDER were showing along the river.

I recieved news that the LITTLE GULL  was still at Upton Warren, and that a BLUE-HEADED (Type) WAGTAIL had been seen. Firstly, we looked for the Wagtail, which was still showing on the at the Moors Pool, however, it had now moved onto the Broadmeadow Pool, and was increasingly hard to see (And photograph), But i tried!
Im actually quite supprised how these came out considering the distance.

Also showing here was 2 additional male YELLOW WAGTAIL's.
I have to admit, Both the 'Flava' wagtail ssp were very good looking, and was worth the effort to see even if one of them can't be classed as a species, It all add's to our knowledge!

The Blue-headed type worryingly showed a pale(ish) head, which could possibly indicate a hybrid (Channel Wag) or possibly even a backcross bird, Flava x Flavissima x Flava, however, this ID is not clear cut as it showed a mix range of features between both Ssp. Despite this, a very good looking Hybrid!

As mentioned however, the main reason for the visit was to see the LITTLE GULL, and it was still showing. However, the Bird rarely landed, and was therefore a pain in the arse to photograph!
However, as is the typical MB mentality, I tried!

Yes, in an hour or so, thats the best i manadged! Laughable, but tbh, my main focus when out birding is birding. A recognisable photo is good enought for me!

At 4:03 pm, This brute of a Great-Black Backed Gull dropped in, however, after incessant mobbing for a few minuites, it had left by 4:06


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