Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Patch white out

A complete whiteout on the patch in the morning resulted in no birds been seen, so after some artsy fartsy images i headed back home to watch the feeders for abit.
To give an impression how bad it was, i couldnt see anything more that 4 metres in front of me!

And when i got back to the garden, the now daily Redpoll's and Siskin's were on the feeders

However, after the fog lifted, i headed out onto the patch immidiatly surrounding the garden, which, admittdly, apart from Siskins and Redpoll's was quiet.
But while walking through on of the woodlands i was watching a mixed tit flock containing Nuthatches when a large, dumpy pigeon sized snipe flushed from the undergrowth.
Usually i struggle to see this species on a year to year basis, despite breeding nearby, i just never have the time to go specifically looking for them, so i have to hope for a stray like this!
This was only the start of a good patch Run!


euthymic said...

Nice film:) Were you speaking in French? I heard two voices.

Pam said...

Super pics and video Craig! By the way the Siskins you ordered haven't arrived in my garden yet but I did have a m&f Bullfinch which was a welcome surprise!

Nice one with the Woodcock!

midlands birder said...

euthymic- No, it was the tv you could hear :P You tend to get a nice background sounds of either the Tv or Radio on my Garden videos!

Thankyou Pam- I will have another word :P But well done with the Bullfinch's, there really uncommon in my garden!
And thankyou again :)