Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Garden Birding

Sometimes garden birding can be insane!
Sometimes a bird which you see in a million other places can suddenly become a Mega rarity, and nothing is more sought after than a garden tick!
Before setting out for the day, i had a couple of hours to watch the feeders at my leasure, and dont you just love it when a cold front hits, birds flood to garden feeders like moths to a lighbulb!
It quickly became evident there was a few more Goldfinch today, with around 40c in the tree's and on the feeders, also in the tree's but unwilling to drop onto the feeders was a flock of 20c Greenfinch.
However, the main interest was around the 'scarcer' Finches.
4 female LESSER REDPOLL were visiting on and off throughout the morning, but 'our' male didnt land on the feeders (he was seen in the tree though)
However, one of my favorite Finches was about to make a comeback into the garden after a no-show all winter so far.
A female SISKIN dropped onto the seed feeder. The camera quickly came out and i was soon filming the bird.

However nice a female Siskin is, i still had that moment of exitement when the stunning adult male SISKIN dropped onto the feeders! What a Finch!

The bird spent some time on the niger feeder, accompanied by a female Lesserpoll.

However, the (By Far) highlight was a garden first! I was filming the above video, when an 'odd' finch dropped onto the fence, head on, 'odd face pattern i though'.It turned side on and flew onto one of the seed feeders.


female Linnet in the garden!

The white Pannel in the wing standing out like a sore thumb!


Bloody Linnet!

My dad quickly came in and saw the bird as it flew off the feeder, having only taken one seed. Despite being heard again a few times, i did not see the bird again, and am only left with memories of this first!

But that got me thinking, why is it we ignore birds in one place, and watch them intently at others?

Rarity value? a Linnet may be common on farmland, therefore undesirable, but quite hard to get in a garden context, therefore reaching a higer value?

Food for thought



Pam said...

I was already envious of your 40c Goldfinch and 20c flock of Greenfinch and Lesser Redpoll, then I read about the female Siskin and the stunning male siskin! I wasn't expecting you to top them Craig but you did!

Congratulations on your 'garden first' female Linnet!

Smashing shots and videos Craig.

I am thrilled when I get an occasional GSW on the nut feeders, even though I see them when out and about. I think it is the thrill of seeing one in 'your own space' so to speak.

Pam said...

Just to let you know that I had 3 Redpoll briefly in my garden this morning Craig, a first in the garden! I just need a couple of Siskins and Linnets now or just one of each!

midlands birder said...

Yeah, the Garden birding is starting to 'hot up' again now, so hopefully i can make you even more envious in the coming posts :P
I guess it does mean more when its on 'your' space.
Only because its common somewhere doesnt mean it is everywhere, no matter how small/big the size of the place!
Great! See you should always listen to the MB :P, i gave them a quick word the other day. Will tell the Siskins to head over your way too, but i havent seen the Linnet again!

Rob Stokes said...

Hi MB , excellent shots of Siskin , one of my fav Finches .

midlands birder said...

Thankyou Rob, there one of my favorite Finches too :)