Wednesday, 29 February 2012


A Grey Plover had now been residing at Grimley for some time, and as it is one of my big bogey birds, i needed to see it!
So when news came out in the morning that it was still showing, and that there was also a pair of Red-Crested Pochard it looked like it might be a nice visit!
We parked at the north end of the newly landscaped Camp Lane Pits and walked down to greet Mark from Boorstep Birding, who was already on the bird.

On the way i noticed this sign, which i thought was quite funny, its just one of those 'No Shit' sarcastic type jokes.

(Deep COLD water sign in a frozen pool)

We got a small look at the GREY PLOVER before it ran off behind some willows into the sun.
After abit, we walked up the track adjacent to the road, where we had more distant, but better lighted views, and i got a few long range videos.

Moving back to our original position on the way back to the car, the Grey Plover was closer, but against the light.

We then moved down to the Main Camp Lane Pit, where i quickly got onto the RED-CRESTED POCHARD's, easy peesy, just look for the flaming red/Orange head!

The pair generally followed each other around constantly on the open area of water which hadent frozen.
Everytime i have seen them mating, and this time was no exeption, just 30 seconds after ariving, they were 'at it'.

Amazingly, when the birds took flight with a couple of Pochard, they circled for a couple of minuites, and in that time, i was able to lock onto them throught the scope and camera, and take a video of them.

All in all a nice visit to a habitat that looks stunning for the spring! I can expect another visit here soon! A bogey bird and a year tick!


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