Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bartley Reservior

Friday night birding is generally off limits, due to having to go shopping, however, with the lengthening days i saw a opporotunity to get out somewhere.
mmmm, A gull roost it is!
Bartley seemed to be the closest, and with the added attraction of an Iceland Gull roostin there, it seemed a good idea.
We just about manadged to get to 'scotland lane' at 4:40, with a mass of gulls already assembled, and to other birds already looking, i joined the crowd and after about 15 mins, the Iceland was called.
A Birder offered me a look through his scope and i saw a Juv/2w ICELAND GULL sitting amongst the mass of gulls. i thanked him for his kindness, and also the fact that he gave me the last few views of the bird before it totally dissapeared, not to be seen again before dark, and i didnt manage to locate it within my scope :(
As the birds all pitched up near the Dam end of the Reservior, the bird was quite far off, so here is a few 'From the file' photo's of a similar ICELAND GULL i saw at Stubbers green in 2010.
Hopefully i will be visiting Stubbers this weekend for more Gull action!
Also on the reservior was a flock of 6 Goldeneye showing quite well, if only it had been daylight, i could have had some ok footage of them!

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