Monday, 12 December 2011


News tht the 'Shenstone Birder' had located a winter flock of Buntings/Finches was welcomed and we dropped into Stanklyn lane on the way to the Gardening job!
Quickly, a FIELDFARE was on show, picking off hawthorn berries with Blackbirds (Among them, a few black billed 'Scandinavian birds).

Anyhow, the flock of birds was here including a healthy amount of 7+ YELLOWHAMMER, including a few stunning males.

However, the Main target was the flock of Corn Buntings that have been seen, and we were lucky enough to see 3 birds sat on the far edge of the hedge near an overhanging tree, so therefore they wernt in the best position to photograph, but i tried:


Jason K said...

Great Videos Craig.

I'm glad you managed to catch up with some of the Buntings...they've all gone a bit elusive again since!

midlands birder said...

Cheers jase
It was nice to be able to catch up with some 'farmland' birds, Something i sadly miss on the patch :(