Thursday, 1 December 2011


After having my fill off the Desert Wheatear on the windy hillside, i decided to head to another Shropshire site.
Chelmarsh Res
Having a quick scan from the Sailing club revealed a very brief look at the adult RED-THROATED DIVER which had moved up here from the patch well up at the north end of the lake. There was about 2000+ Gulls on the water, and were just on the edge of scoping distance, Panning across the flock i picked up a small Gull. tiny infact, hawking around away from the main gull flock, Instant recognition kicked in:
I watched for a brief moment, then handed the scope over to my dadwhile i text the news out, but when i got the scope back, it had dissapeared, i guess it just landed on the water with the gulls.

We there had a walk to the other side, near the hide, and here we were much closer to the Gulls, and i was able to pick of 2 Adult YELLOW-LEGGED GULL's among the flocks, but the Little Gull had literally dissapeared!
We were treated to more views of the RED-THROATED DIVER at the north end and my dad saw it for the first time.
It was around this time that Sailing activities started taking place, and the Gulls were soon flushed to the north end, too far for the scope to see:


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