Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas

Just a quick post to wish all 89 Followers and viewers of my blog Happy christmas and thankyou for your support this year, I wouldve packed blogging in long ago if i didnt have an audience to read about my often bird-less days too. so thankyou for that.
My posting this year have sometimes been few and far between, but im glad you have stuck with it and kept checking in.
I wont be back untill the new year now, when i will get up to date with my postings and then post my BIG year ender post, so i also wish all viewers of my blog a Happy bird filled new year.
Have a good un' everybody!
(Just a shame its not like last year, i want another patch Smew, Whooper Swan etc :P )


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Craig. Have a good one.

Yeah, i`ve been in the same boat regards packing in with blogging. All it takes is a few comments & appreciation, to keep you going.
On that note - keep at it.

Rob Stokes said...

Merry Christmas Craig and hope you have a bird filled 2012.

Jason K said...

Merry Christmas Craig...all the best for the festive period. I hope 2012 is a great birding year for you on your patch.

From my point of view Craig its great to read a blog by a fellow local 'local patch birder'...local patch birding does have many dead days but it is those less frequent good days that make it worth while and far more rewarding than just turning up day after day to twitch other folks birds! You have my respect for that Craig and your blog is a great read and representation of your patch!

midlands birder said...

Cheers for the Good wishes Guys :)
I toatally agree, alittle bit of appreciation, and a comment or two do help to keep spirits up :)
I intend to keep at it :)

It is nice to be able to have a comunity of local patchworkers reporting on blogs, Its nice to say what you see and compare to what other people close by are seeing, in Our case, you have Corn Bunt, Yellowhammer etc, i have Redpolls and Mandarins :)
Cheers for the compliments :)