Sunday, 18 December 2011


After the Gardening job had finished, we had about 30 Mins to spare before dark, so we thought a visit to Earlswood lakes would be in order.
I looked onto Windmill Pool first, where i saw a Female GOOSANDER and 7 TEAL. There was 31+ Pied Wagtails on the Engine Pool Island and then i went back to check the increasing number of BHG on Windmill pool, i Quickly caught sight of a very small bird, sitting on its own, well away from the Flock.
A 1st Winter Bird.
We walked around to the other side of the pool while i phoned Matt from the Earlswood Blog, who, as luck would have it, was on site at the time.
I manadged to get to the bird and take a quick, dark, record video of the bird before it took flight with the Gull flock.

We watched it Circle the Pool for about a minuite before switching over to Engine pool, where Matt saw it, i just about managed to get back to the causeway before it flew off in a south (ish) direction, and was lost behind trees.
I do love Little Gulls :)

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