Wednesday, 18 May 2011


With huge promise from recent reports we decided to give the wyre forest a go to mop up the 'common' Summer migrants.
We walked along the old railway line first, hearing 3 Different Wood warblers singing on the dowles side of the track, we clocked onto 3 Tree pipit singing and showing at the clearings on the left of the path, but otherwhys, it was deadly quiet, with only chiffchaff, willow warbler and blackcap being seen, the area around Lodge Hill was equally quiet, and after a check in the orchard we moved to the gate at the top end, we walked through, and was stunned to see a pair of Roe Deer, running straight for us, then dropping down a bank, and reappearing much closer without noticing us. they got within about 30 metres of us, then noticed us and scuttled off into the forest....
My first Deer in the Wyre..

Bird Activity remained low though, 2 Marsh tit were in the bushes along the railway line just beyond lodge hill, but it was only when we reached the Pine trees, that things greatly improved, I locked onto a Redstart singing on the back edge of small plantation, i saw a flash of red as a male Redstart Landed on a tree, My dad had yet to see a redstart so i got him onto it, and soon after this bird was joined by another Bird, this time a Female, we stuck around here for 20 mins watching and trying to get photos, but i failed to get any photos at all, due to the birds being highly mobile.
We dropped into the small 'rest' area under the pine trees, and was stunned at the activity here, 5 WOOD WARBLERS, all chasing each other and quivering while singing literally a few metres away, litterally stunning views of real charesmatic little birds, i tried again for photos, however the birds were again too fast, and i was unable to lock onto then being as they were so close, we also counted a staggering 4 Male Redstart here, all chaseing each other around the clearing, giving amazing but all to brief views, we waited around this area for some time, as we watched this amazing pair of birds.
A tawney owl was also heard Hooting from here.

WE moved further into the forest and found the Stunning male PIED FLYCATCHER singing and flycatching in the canopy, the angle was so nasty, that i couldnt look at the bird for no more than 5 secs at a time due to cramp in my neck, we waited around here also but the Flycatcher remained Unco-opperative, so we decided to leave it.
A Pair of Mandarin Duck were giving stunning views on the Brook, and in the sun, i took the op to take some photos...

A dipper flew along the brook, and was relocated further into our walk, the homeward walk was quieter really, with few birds between coopers mill and dry mill lane, as said before the dipper was relocated but we failed to see the pair we saw the last time we were in the wyre.

Some amazing birds in that forest, just put a bit of effort in and you can get lots out of it :)


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