Tuesday, 3 May 2011



A walk all the way to larford was rewarded by a very confiding Great-Crested Grebe which was showing just a few metres from the bank, i spent some time watching and photographing the Grebe, its not a bird i see at close range on the patch ( distant views can be obtained over larford lakes) and i believe that these are the best photos of GCG i have got on the patch.

While i was watching the grebe a LBBG landed on a nearby Boyd and i snapped away at this 4th winter bird,

There was also a apir of Adults near the abandoned toy factory in the town centre.

It was also great to see the ressurgence of the Finch flock in the birch woodland, the Brambling total had boomed to a patch record of 24+ ( 16+ in birchwood, 5+ in Moorhall wood and 3 in garden), the birds showed superbly as well, albiet through quite dense nettles/ Hawthorn.

The siskin flock had rapidly dropped and now only 20c Birds remained, the Lesser Redpoll flock had remained constant at 20 Birds and it was a huge supprise that a huge count of 30 Chiffchaff was achieved over the whole site, the floodgates had well and truily opened!!


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