Tuesday, 17 May 2011


With the Blog rapidly dropping further and further behind, i have decided to do summarys on certain days, and reports on other days, depending on the species seen,
So here goes:
Upton warren
A good Gull day,
the 2nd Summer Med Gull was still presnt and doing its thing among the BHG, However there are 2 highlights from the day, A Pair of LITTLE GULLS's in early stage of moult into summer plumage spent the day feeding on the Moors poll, Another of my favorite species, and it was great to have my 2 Favorite gulls flying around with each other.
The 2nd highlight was an awsome count of 19 AVOCET, a record breaking count infact, the highst spring total EVER recorded.
5 Oyc
10 Avocet
1 Green Sand
1 Common Sand
1 Redshank
1 Medditteranean Gull
2 Little Gulls

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