Monday, 23 May 2011


Upton Warren.

A set up pre run for the UW all dayer went very weel, and waders were moving big style, i had decided to visit upton 3 days in a row (thurs Night, Friday from around 2pm-7pm and for the saturday roost, and my increases upton regiem had rewards)

I dropped into the flashes first as all the Big birds were reported on that side, and i was exeptiannly relieved when all 3 of the birds had remained, WOOD SANDPIPER, WHIMBREL and a GREENSHANK!!, and that mentioned, this being spring, all were in stunning summer plumage, however, all but the Greenshank were right at the back of the flashes, after some time watching them i picked up a wagtail over the back, and a scope view revealed that i was watching a female WHITE WAGTAIL.

(Female White Wagtail)

The hide remained crowded so i was about to head up to the moors when the Wood sand flew towards us and landed in the channels just to the right of the hide briefly before heading back to the rear of the flash. I took some photos.

(Wood Sandpiper)

I then walked over to the Moors via the Education reserve, adding Lesser Whitethroat, Willow warbler, Whitethroat and blackcap to the day list, however i failed to find the Garden Warbler.

Compared to the flashes, It was very quiet at the Moors, however everyone was looking skyward as a marsh harrier flew over before i got there.

After some time on the Moors seeing not much, i decided to walk to the flashes again before my dad picked me up so i can wait for the thunderstorm to drop some waders, however, the thrunderstorm never materialised, and infact, it got sunnyer. But that did help when the Greenshank came closer;


On the walk back to the flashes i found the male Garden Warbler singing.

I waited untill around 7 but the rain didnt come.


4 Oyc

16 Avocet + 4 chick


1 Wood Sandpiper

1 Green Sandpiper

2 Common Sandpiper

1 Greenshank

1 Whimbrel

2 Snipe

4 Common Tern

1 White Wagtail
1 Garden Warbler

1 Lesser Whitethroat



Susan W. said...

Great photos! Congtatulations!

midlands birder said...

Thanks Susan