Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Upton warren

15 Green Sandpiper
2 Common Sandpiper
1 Redshank
6 Curlew
1 Snipe
17+ Common Tern

3 Bullfinch)

( post on sheepwash urban park, comming very soon for 4/08/10)

1 Juv Water Rail
11 Green Sanpiper

the first stint was spent in the moors east hide, so as the light was shining into the hide, i took to scanning the hedges along the east track as a nice mixed 'phyllosc' warblers hunting among the acompinaning 'tit flock'
an hour was spent doing this with Willow Warbler ( 5, 2 Ad, 3 Juv) which shown very nicely with 20+ chiffchaff, a few Sedge and Reed warblers, a Female/juv Blackcap,, the usual 'tit' species and a single Treecreeper.
Then down to the flashes for the roost, which tbh was rather uneventful, the female LRP and its almost fledged chick were still here, but had been abandoned by the rest of the birds, 9 Green Sandpiper and a lone Common Sandpiper were probing the edges, a Total of 33 Curlew flew in to roost which at the time was only 1 behind the year maximum (new beaten).
The gulls were being as uneventfull, with only 500c BHG's coming in to roost, but at dusk a stunning summer plumaged Common Gull flew into roost, it tried to land amongst the BHG but was flushed by one of the increasing number of LBBG that are now roosting circled a few times then flew north.
we took this as our time to leave with light being dire at this time

Note how, over these extracts how the number of Green Sand decreases as the Adult birds and some of the Juv's leave to their wintering grounds
And how the number of Curlew slowly increases..................

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