Friday, 10 September 2010


the whole reason the blog has got behind is because i have been waiting upon my friend to give me some images of the little egret that i took on his camera, i now have those photos, but have got fed up at my nans house so, and the photos are on my home computer so, no photos again :-D
Entering the park from the main enterance, we walked the path and i was quickly onto a flock of 'small birds', warblers infact, the overnight rain had dropped some birds, 2 LESSER WHITETHROAT, 2 willow warbler and 'millions' of chiffchaff, after sifting the flock we went for the egret.
we checked the main lake with just the usual stuff noted but a commonsand was new in, so down the river,

and there it was,

sitting near the bridge near the marshy pools the bird was feeding, and this is where i took photos of it landed and in flight, after being flushed by a dog walker,
(imagine a picture of a flying LITTLE EGRET), the bird had been present for 7+ days,

4 common tern- 2 ad, 2 juv were on the chemical pool, but despite there being big numbers of yellow legged gulls at stubbers green, non were in the flock


Rob said...

Hi MB, nice post, and yes i can just imagine the Little Egret

midlands birder said...

i have got the photo of the egret again now but i cba to put it on :) lol