Friday, 17 September 2010

Grimley new workings


After picking up a new tripod after nearly 2 months without one, i had to do a field test and with a few nice birds at grimley, guess where we headed????

We hadent even reached the 1st pool when i had already ticked a GREENSHANK as it flew onto the bigger pool, we followed the track along picking up LITTLE EGRETS on the way, Green and Common Sandpiper were both represented by singles as was a single snipe and 2 common tern and LRP.

A YELLOW WAGTAIL flew over east (ish)

We scanned from the causeway and BINGO................

2 juv KNOT feeding behind the BHG's with the 2 sandpipers and another greenshank. it was quite amusing to watch the knots reflecting the others movements, say if one turned right, the other would to (note the similar poses on the photo)

a greenshank fed on a spit not far from the causeway...



Rob said...

Hi MB, i really like the humour in your posts and the level of dedication you show in your birding , its obvious how much pleasure and enjoyment you get from this wonderful hobby of ours , keep up the good work mate . atb Rob.

midlands birder said...

THKs rob, its nice to gt comments like this, is shows i am doing something right with my blog :)
Thks again