Monday, 13 September 2010

Patch and some dirty twitching

Blackstone lake(general area)
huge numbers of warblers and tit's around in the blackstone vally ( you really have to visit the site to understand)
i was on a very very high expectation for a redstart but despite nearly 3 hours not one appered, buts its not all bad, now the breeding season has ended i can say the at least 1 pair of MARSH TITS bred in an undisclosed site near to blackstone raising (fledging 6 chicks(pos 2 broods????)), the first time a pair have attempted to breed on the patch.
the entire family was feeding in the hawthorn/willow and ferns on the east bank of the lake in glorious sunshine, a true triumph and a very nice reward for patch birding.
the usual site motto applied, loads and loads of warblers :
20c Willow warbler (many juv)
15c Chifchaff (age uncertain)
2 whitetroat (FEM)
6 blackcap ( 1 m)
1 reed warbler ( in a hawthorn???? who knew??????)
8 Goldcrest (largest flock this year after that harsh winter)
but i must say not even a spot fly or redstart, unbelievable, oh well, i enjoy my common birds sometimes when im in the mood

Later that evening:
titterstone clee hill
news of a wryneck up here was forgotton untill the evening when i reallised it wasent that far away, errrrr, yeah thats about as exited as im gonna get, cause it was a big huge, mega DIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP, 2 hours in strong freezing wind, on a barren hilltop with only 1 juv wheatear, 2 ravern, 3 linnet and 4 meadow pipit to keep you company, birdwise that is, i was up here with my dad...........
yeah, nothing more to say


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