Monday, 1 March 2010

vismig suprise


He's back, canada goose ring no -BPP is back on lickhill(shown in pic), you can just see the red leg ring showing through the tussoks, he looks to be paired to a female canada goose and hope go to him raising a brood here for his 5TH!!!! year, for those new followers of the blog, you will know nothing about BPP so here's a brief outline.

  • ringed as a chick at stubbers green boating lake, west mids, in 2003

  • then hung around at stubbers untill mid 2004,

  • went missing for a year

  • 1st found on lickhill on 2 feb 2005 and went on to raise a brood of 5 goslings, 3 of which went on to fledge

and has been seen every year since raising at least 1 gosling a year.......

here is a pic of him last year: 18 /04

anyway back to birds, a huge suprise came when a 1st winter COMMON GULL flew over going in a south(ish) direction. i followed it in the scope into the distance. it flew over at 9:32 am with 3 BHG's, a skylark with an odd call flew over(is a skylark, just an odd variation)

the canada flock was at a year peak of 79 geese, this is well down on the total last winter which was on 130c geese at this point(and all the winter) must be the extreme conditions moved them out.....

and again i please erge you, if you see canada goose BPP(red leg ring, right leg), please report to me, i really want to know where he dissapears to over the winter..............


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