Monday, 1 March 2010


upton warren moors pool

back to the east hide............

and everywhere i looked there was one of these:

but on the east island was one of these:


a jack snipe, was feeding upon the east islands for a few minuites, and when i panned back to get a film of its 'bobbing' behaviour it had nodded off, and didnt wake up again, thats worse than that sleepy medditeranean gull at chasewater on the bloggers day out :), but to be fair to it, it was still quite early in the AM (9am), but nethertheless the jack snipe shown well through the scope, and acceptable views were had.......

but one thing i have noticed(never noticed it before) was that jack snipe shown prominent pale edged grey(ish) coverts which a nearby common snipe did not show, maybe a good feature.........

but all other features were noted, dark crown, different face pattern, and very prominent 'braces' and short bill(when not tucked away) as if the jizz wasent enough to clinch ID.

but really, there wasent loads to talk about but 15 curlew.

and this on the masts

PEREGRINE x1, as this bird seemed quite large(bulky) i am presuming its a female, but who's sure(unless you see one next to the other),

i took it upon myself to note all birds presant with numbers so heres the totals for some:

G G grebe 2

shelduck 2

shoveler 52

teal 16

pochard 23

tuftie 18


water rail 2 (heard)

lapwing 160(exacly)

curlew 15

snipe 16



and a bit of an upton twilight scape


rob said...

Hi MB, well done with the jack snipe, i have nt seen one in ages but they are really fun birds to watch , heres a vid of one on you tube .

midlands birder said...

jack snipes are really ammusing o watch, i agree
hope you get one soon