Monday, 15 March 2010

Its another patch 1st

yet another patch 1st,
i bet your getting bored with this now arnt you
well im not

this time it wasent an unexpected visitor, 14 great crested grebe on larford lake's (viewed from opposite side of river), a patch 1st simply because i had never really had a look at the place, a few were in summer plumage.
i even walked past the place which held the red backed shrike a few years ago(gut wrenching pain, but moveing swiftly on, not one comment on this bird please, pritty please)

4 tufted duck were on the lakes (3 DRK) which is a also quite uncommon on the patch with only 1 record of a pair on 1st june '07',
the drake gadwall was still holding teritory on redpoll lake, but has yet to find a female and make history...............
3 goldcrest were showing well at lincome lock, a grey wagtail was on a factory roof near the stourport marina and a total of 8 stock dove were located.....


rob said...

Hi MB , well done on another patch first , i was delivering in Worcester today ( 17th ) and saw 2 LBBGulls on the river , oh i was just wondering if it was possible to add my blog to your list ? no problem if you would rather not :)
atb Rob

midlands birder said...

no probs rob, will add you blog on my links, the problem is that now i follow so many blogs that i just seriously cant be bothered to add them on......
did you have any goosanders, apparantly they have been wintering down there(and up here lol)

rob said...

Thanks MB , i did nt notice any Goosanders although i was driving through when road was busy so could not get a proper look

midlands birder said...

oh well, next time maybe