Thursday, 18 March 2010


on this day a year ago, i had 4 house martin.. not likely to be happening this year with strong northerlies,
while out in the garden topping up our perilously low feeders, i looked up to see a BOP circling about me..
i ran in grabbed my bins and back out....

and adult peregrine(pos female), slowly circled in a SE direction, (following the river)..

i had a quick look at the vismig point but the bird had gone....
i hadent intended to stomp the patch today after heaping my weary carcase around yesterday and i still wasent really great today(had 3 jabs the previous friday),
at the end of the F1 though i had to get out,
i cant stand being cooped up inside.........

time to head south
the walk was birdless untill the redpoll lake where i was quickly onto the gadwall hiding in the reeds, a quick look and i was off
an optomistic scan over the paddocks at lincomb failed to produce the hoped for wheatear
then onto the viewpoint that ovrlooks larford lakes, was happy to see that 10 great crested grebes were still on the lakes but, no sign of the tufted ducks.
then it was back up onto lickhill,
and this was still here:
canada goose BPP is still with us................... (note how the leg ring is dodgy)(BPP is still clearly readable on the other side of the ring.......
2 pied wagtails were here

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