Tuesday, 14 April 2009


quite a quiet day nothing really outstanding.but a drake ruddy duck was noteworthyas its only the 2nd ive seen this year. that cull is getting somewhere now. next in line is 18 sand martins which flew up the tame,hawked over the lake for 15 mins then left flying west.
i did get a personal site first though when a stock dove landed on the islands,where a cormorant(full summer clothes) stood.on the other side of the lake we had a grey wag bouncing about and had great views of the great crests at around 5 metres.

the few highlights were:

7 little grebe (4 on chemical pool)

8 g c grebe

5 tufties

1 ruddy duck

1 stock dove

sand martins

grey wag

and does anybody remember that pink bra on blurred birding well we refound it on the edge of the lake in the water where the ruddy duck paid a lot of attention to it.and around the many paths what do we find glass bottles,cans and numorous durex wrappers.

i mean what do you expect from a town pond.



Martyn Yapp said...

I am pleased you relocated the "Pinkie", are you not too young to be talking about Durex wrappers.

midlands birder said...

not realy.i am 14 now,in schools now they teach you about this stuff when your 12.
and by the way dont discriminate by age.not all of us young uns are yobs.