Tuesday, 14 April 2009


i just brought a new camera on friday to get some record shots for me and this blog.dont expect the images to be top class i only got the camera last week.over the weekend i have taken 132 images with varying degrees of sucsess and heres one of a siskin in the garden

and a chaffinch

and as al murrey would say FIGHT

all these last images were taken yesterday.

now earlswood:

this time i was having fun with the camera seeing what it can do and here are the results:


the pair of goldcrests were being confiding again but failed to get a good shot of them but i did get a bad image of the female

scanning over the fields at norton lane i got 2 displaying phesants by the wythall railway station.and opposite the garden i got onto a year tick 4 red legged partridges(year tick) which worked there way across the field.the skylark was singing again from the fields.i also got a few images of blue titswhich arnt that bad.
i must admit i was more preocupied with the fact that there was a redstart that showed characteristics of the eastern race.but a few txts from brian stretch tells me that its a normal redstart falling well within the boundries of our redstart.
so upton warren it is

i first scanned the sewage works for it,as this is where i presumed it to be from info i got.but a few birders in the hide guided me to a patch bushes to the right of here.
no sign of him yet.
so i made do and started testing my camera on a close redshank

not bad i think.all 9 avocets were stil there and showing beautiffuly in the sun

this image i tried to edit from being underexposed.got images of most of the birds there.allas the redstart didnt show but i left happy even though i had hoped the redstart would show for me for a birthday preasnt(which is on 12th)highlights were

2 little grebes

8 g c grebes (sailing pool)

2 greylag geese (very close views on sailing pool in almost darkness)

told you it was dark

2 shelduck

5 gadwall

6 teal

23 tufties


9 avocets


8 lapwing

1 green sandpiper(year tick)

1 common sandpiper(year tick)

2 redshank

7 curlew

6 snipe

1 jack snipe

1 stock dove

10c sand martins

1 swallow

2 blackcap

2 cettis warbler

5 reed buntings

wow that list gets bigger every time

soz for the quick post trying to get up to date and a big bird on my birthday.


Austin said...

Love those beautiful pictures!! I too have new camera which got from Best Buy... I love it's picture quality!!

midlands birder said...

thanks for the comment austin