Monday, 20 April 2009

sheepwash again

mediteranian gull
while watching a common tern(more on that later)we had a first summer med gull fly,not the most pleasing bird to look at but what a bird.its a lifer for my friend andy. while it came into land although it decided not to and flew straight over
well anyway we had a common tern on the main lake(year tick for both of us) i managed to get quite a few shots of it as it flew around but never landed:

then after it left but another easily identifiable to be a different bird appeared an hour later.a bit of tern passage
and while watching the bird what appeares 2 reed warblers in the reeds to the left of where we were looking.they shown briefly but out in the opan at the top of the reeds.both of us wernt expecting them here but put it down to the weather the day before which was super photos of these.
and cute pic everbody ahhhhh

the only other things of note around was a lesser whitehroat which was pointed out by another birder while next to the tame.
highlights were:

6 little grebe

6 g c grebe
7 goosander(1 drk)

1 med gull
2 common tern
a sizable gathering of hirudines mostly h martin then swallow then sand martin
3 blackcap
1 lesser whitethroat
2 reed warblers
1 goldcrest heard
1 coal tit
2 bullfinch(m+f)
2 reed bunting(m+f)

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