Thursday, 2 April 2009

god its about time

yessssssssssssssssss,the holidays here, most birding will be local around the dudley area.gonna get to sheepwash on monday and then going to fens pool and if ive got time i might visit barrow hill as its got pottential with a record of red backed shrike and wryneck.also keeping very local i might have a mooch around wrens rouzel come on down.the old quarry looks good for them and its high up so mabey but i might be pusshing it.oh yeah remember the y b warbler last year even the most optomistic of birders wouldent of dreamed about that so maby.the rest of th time will be going with it and deciding where to go when i want to.this means i might even end up at upton warren some birding:
lickhill manor
the mealy poll saga continues around the lickhill area of stourport.and finally someone else has got one, yesssssss.i didnt really get the urge to go and see this bird as ive already found 3 this year but i did have a quick look around the streets of burlish to hopefully find sign.oh well.surely this is the same birds moving around.this bird being an adult male could mean that it was the same bird involved with my record on 14/03 when a pair visited my garden.
the local patch was quite quiet on the caravan site with more campers than last week.apart from the stuff on the feeders all the action was at the lake by blackstone.up there there were 2 grey wagtails(both winter adults)and 2 kingfishers.although 3 were reported to me be a hicker.the k-fishers gave close views.and as always theres a but.they were always 3/4 hidden behind a willow tree.
highlights here were:
2 kingfisher
2 grey wags
1 chiffchaff
1 green woodie(flyover)
3 buzzards
the skylarks were singing in the fields again but allas no raven or smartin over this time.also a jay flashed by real other highlights but a redwing on the entrance road was noteworthy.
on the feeders on 28/03 we had:
1 goldcrest
2 blackbird
2 goldfinch
30+ siskin(very sudden influx)
2 coal tits building nest in conifer
1 blue tit
1 robin.
not much different on 29th but the siskin numbers had dropped considerably to a few more than 10 birds.although to great exitement nest building was observed in a pine tree.if this developes into a full breading attempt it will be the first for the site.also quite a bit of courting and mating activity,so there could be more pairs that decide to stay.there is a lot of suitable watch this space.
3 goldcrests are noteworthy giving close prolonged views which allowed me to find out that one male goldcrest had 2 females(lucky begger)
highlights in and around the garden were:
stuff mentioned above
2 goldfinch
2 blue tits
3 coal tits
1 robin
2 b-birds
1 dunnock
but the ay didnt end there on the way back at wall heath we had a swallow(year tick) over the a449 in between the kingfisher resturant and the petral garage.

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