Thursday, 2 May 2013

Stone ticking!

After the visit onto the patch, i then headed over to Shenstone to try for the RING OUZEL again. I had visited late the previous evening on the way back from the Girlfriends house, but had failed to see it, so headed back again in the hope of picking it up. From the road we had no luck, so we decided to walk over the public footpath over the back of the paddocks. And this time, we did it!

As we were walking up to the stile, i saw a black Thrush fly up from a long way to the right. it was heading away from us, so i couldn't see any white the the very quickly falling light (it was about 7:40 by now), but luckily, the bird landed upon on tree, and i was able to scope it, revealing the whiter wings typical of RING OUZEL, and on occasion, a small patch of white emerged on the bird, however this was mostly obstructed as it was facing the opposite way.

The bird started singing briefly, before it flew off strongly towards Stanklyn lane, before dropping down in a wood over there, presumably to roost.

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