Wednesday, 1 May 2013


That got your attention didn't it, but i'm afraid your going to be very disappointed!
I had only been on patch for about 5 minutes before I reached the river, and scanned downriver, and was amazed to see a pair a TEAL! I got my scope out and onto them (they were fairly far downstream), and in doing this I found myself looking at 4 TEAL, and then 6 TEAL!


Now I hear some of your sighing in disbelief! Teal, Pah! Common as muck, you get them everywhere. And yes, you would be true in thinking that, but in a patch context, Teal is a stunningly rare, and also stunningly beautiful duck! I've only had 4 previous records on patch, including the flyover drake back in January, so it is a very sought after patch bird for me!
I spent some time watching them, and I was able to get some decent views! A pair were showing closer  among the overhanging willows!

While watching the TEAL, a pair of MANDARIN DUCK sailed into view, my first patch birds of the year, and i was also treated to great views of these as they sailed upriver.

Further upriver, i picked up a WILLOW WARBLER, my first of the year. It was actually quite sad to be watching it feeding off the waters surface of the river as there was too little food for it elsewhere, i couldn't help but think it wouldn't last too much longer if it hung around (which luckily, it didn't!)

2 Lesser Redpoll and 15c Siskin were showing on the garden feeders.

Heading back out onto patch in the evening, i visited the vismig point, where i soon picked up 5 of the 6 Teal flying south at 6:40pm. In the 20 Minuites i stood there, i also had around 20c 'Alba' Wagtail sp fly north.

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