Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sheepwash YLG

An afternoon after college visit to Sheepwash was rewarded by a cracker of a 2nd summer YELLOW-LEGGED GULL. I originally picked the bird out as 'interesting' on mantle shade from the opposite side of the pool, obviously paler than 'Graellsii' LBBG's which it was with, but also a shade or two darker than nearby Herring Gulls of nominate race. I rushed around the the viewpoint overlooking the rocks, and was pleased to see the bird still sitting there, and looking like a superb YLG!

Just look at that bill, an absolute beast of a bird.

At around 5pm the bird flew off, revealing it to be fairly distinctive in flight also, and very different to either Herring or LBBG. The bird was a very obvious Black tail band contrasting to white tail base and a nice 'saddle' contrasting to retained 1st year Secondarys and Primarys.

3 Shoveler were still 'hanging on', as were 5 Goosander (1 DRK). A Common Sandpiper was around the edges of the pool while the woods seemed to be heaving with Willow Warbler song

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