Thursday, 28 February 2013

Patch MEGA!

Having birded the north of Worcestershire the day before, i was keen to get out on patch to have a look around. As i have said many times previously, winter is a great time for patch birding along the river.

A single Marsh Tit was showing in its regular location, and small flocks of Redpoll and Siskin were dotted around to the north of Lickhill. And away from that it seemed fairly quiet, so i walked north to the small pool at Blackstone, which occasionally gets something good in winter. Walking along the east side, i saw a bird swimming away from me on the near bank, heading for some exposed roots/Branches. Before i had raised by Bins, i knew i was watching a WATER RAIL, a very long overdue patch tick! The bird then proceeded to perch for about 20 seconds around 15 foot away, before flying, and then swimming to the opposite bank to be amongst the willows. I have had previous 'possibles' of small birds running for the closest area of vegetation before, but i've never had a  definite bird, but trust me, its been one that has been overdue for years! You would have thought with so much suitable habitat it would have been quicker coming, but i'm not going to complain!

The regularly roosting drake Goosander was located on the river between Blackstone and Lickhill.


Jason K said...

Nice one on the Water Rail Craig...yet to find one one at Shenstone/Captains.

I'm with you all the way firsts at local patch level...makes birding worthwhile in my opinion

Pam said...

I am catching up on your recent posts Craig! Interesting posts and especially good to read of the Water Rail on your patch! Brill news!

midlands birder said...

Cheers Jase, as i say, with the amount of 'boggy' areas on the patch, it was fairly expected, but still as exiting when it finally shown up!
Thanks Pam, always good to know somebody is reading. Thankyou for the feedback