Monday, 25 February 2013

Goosanders on Patch

A early morning visit onto the patch was fairly rewarding with awesome views of a flock of 10 Goosander (7 drake) on the river. Despite being bitterly cold, i was able to sit on the bank opposite them for about 30 minuites as they went about their buisness. They are stunning looking ducks, and one of my most anticipated winter visitors on patch.

As expected, the birds were flushed by a dog walker, and flew off low north.
A stomp around the dryer parts of the patch gave me very good numbers of winter thrushes, c30 Redwing and 100c Fieldfare were showing in a single flock on the riverside fields.

However, this little gem gave superb views on the ground. As regular readers will know, Goldcrest is only off my all time favorite birds, no matter how many i see, i always still have to stop and have a quick look. Gladly, this bird was showing well, and even posed for a Digi-binned shot.


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