Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fens Pools- Looking for white wingers.

A Glaucous Gull had been seen at Fens Pools the previous week, and the bird did a re-appearing act at nearby Stallings Lane Tip, so, with the Gornal Birder, we decided to head down to the Pools in the hope that this white beast would drop in. So there we were, standing on the Causeway between Middle and Grove Pools scanning the fairly small amount of Gulls. And that proved very uneventuful, with nothing more than a few Herring and LBBG.
However, our luck changed at 2:20 when i heard the distinctive high pitched trilling of WAXWINGS heading towards us, and to my delight, a decent sized flock of WAXWINGS flew in from a northish direction, heading directly over the pool at resonably close quarters against a southerly wind, meaning we were treated to long views as they slowly made their way along. The wind proved too much for the birds, and they dropped down on the ariels of Fens Pool Avenue, just giving me enough time to count a number of 32 before they again flew off south into the estate.
Occasionally we saw the birds duck down behind the houses, and then would fly up, so i would expect that the birds would have landed somewhere nearby!

Later in the evening, we were treated to views of a Peregrine with a feral pigeon in its tallons, before dropping down onto the grass bank to briefly pluck the bird before being flushed. A steady stream of walkers ment that the Peg could no longer drop onto its catch, and after about 30 mins, the bird had enough, and flew off SW.


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