Monday, 10 September 2012

'small' Twitching

A Black Tern had been around at Upper Bittel res. for a few days now, and as i missed a couple of previous birds this year, it was one i decided to claw back, as Bittel is only just off our usual route back from the Gardening job.
It didnt take long to walk to the causeway from the parking spot, walking past the small fishing pools and the 'Goose Field', which contained a few Greylag amongst the Canada's.
Getting onto the Causeway, it didnt take long to locate the juvenile BLACK TERN as it hawked low over the water. Taking occasional breaks on a boyd.
Unfortunatly though, it had decided to perch on the most distant boyd at the back of the reservior, shunning the small boat quite close in where the rest of the Terns had gathered.

The bird also had company with 10 Common Tern.
4 Grey Wagtails (a family party) was a very nice addition, showing quite well in the 'sailing compound'

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