Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Grimley is one of those locations that i dont usually go to. I cant explain why, i just always seem to choose somewhere else. However, recent landscaping work in the area has resulted in some great birds! The last time i had visited here was when the Grey Plover and Red Crested Pochards were here, and i was left suitably impressed by the work undertaken!

Grimley now, seemingly, has became one of the 'big boy' sites in worcestershire, and is seriously contending with other 'up there' locations.

And it pulled yet another great bird out of the bag when a birder located a stunning GREAT-WHITE EGRET at the Camp lane pits. Unfortunatly, i was unable to go straight over, as i was staying at my girlfriends at the time, but, luckily, the bird remained in the area, and on 4th, i was able to go there after the gardening job to visit this awsome looking habitat.
We parked at the north end, and i hadent even crossed the road when i saw our target, as a huge, 'Big white bird' was standing sentinal over a small area of shore at the north end.
Over the next hour, we were treated to absolutly stunning views of this county rarity as it hunted small fish in the shallow water. Poor light and drizzle didnt help when trying to get photos and videos, but anyway: You know me, i tried!

My only previous bird was a extremly distant bird on an estury in Pembrokeshire, which, after calculating the distance on maps, was shown to be a mile away! So it was great to be able to see one of these birds up close was a great treat. However, for a bird as distinctive in every way as a Great Egret, it didnt help any ID lessons, however, it was great to watch this bird up close.

Eventually however, the GREAT EGRET was flushed by a Mallard (Of all things!!) and flew to the infamous 'Flooded middle section' which has help so many of Grimleys recent rarities, and i manadged to get some pics in flight, and distant 'with habitat' pics.

Something gives me the idea, that Grimley could be visited alot more regularly in the future. And a message to all readers, watch the news for this site, because this place is going to strike BIG!


Pam said...

Two interesting posts Craig! I especially enjoyed the videos of the Great White Egret! You wouldn't think such a big bird would be spooked by a Mallard, a great capture well done!

A great read and super images, I shall look forward to reading your future posts.

midlands birder said...

Thankyou Pam, i enjoyed filming the Egret, and i too, was supprised that it was spooked by a mallard, which is tiny compared to it!