Thursday, 13 September 2012

Shenstone- Migrant Passerines

Mark P (Doorstep Birding) had told me of some Spotted Flycather's he had found earlier in the day, and as (Unbelievably!) i havent seen one this year i was hoping for a 'get back' rush to see them, however, it was now nearly two hours after he'd seen them.
However, we still headed out, and, an arriving on site, saw nothing!
But hey, i was scouting a new area, so it wasnt all doom and gloom, Soon after, we spotted Jason K (The Shenstone Natrualist) trundling down the road in his car, looking for the same birds as us. After a good chat and a wait around the area where the Spot flys were, Jase mentioned that 2 Juvenile Whinchats were still at Shenstone, and Redstarts had been seen. So we planned to call in on the way back.

We dropped in at the Paddock Jase told us the Whinchats were in, parking at the gate, and it only took a single scan to locate both juvenile WHINCHATS sitting on thistle heads in the centre of the paddock. Sadly however, the birds wouldnt approach any closer, although giving great scope views, not very good for photos.
Both birds were in. fairly good looking freshly plumages

And it was sheer luck that i manadged to get a flight shot as one of the Whinchats moved from perch to perch.

It was while watching the Whinchats that we watched a PEREGRINE flew over fairly low, but obviously there was a thermal close by, and the bird rapidly circled higher and higher, at one point being in the air with 5 Buzzards! before flying off south.

We then drove down the road slightly to the hedge that runs through the paddocks, and had a scan from the car window in the hope a Redstart may be in there. And out luck was in, and soon after, i picked up a female type REDSTART as it flitted low down amongst the hawthorn and grass.

Out came the scope, and i was taking my first decent images of a Redstart soon after, Awsome!

In contrast to the Whinchats, these birds were very obliging and odly, the bird often perched out in the open for a fair bit of time!
I'd started taking photos of Redstart 1 when i saw a bird drop down from the hedge to my left, and i glimpsed a red tail as it flew back. It was another Redstart! Soon after, this 'new' bird flew over to the hedgeline with the other Redstart, both calling incessantly, and both giving great views!

I moved position slightly, and i was treated to superb views of one of the Redstarts as it just sat on the edge of a hawthorn in the sun. And i was able to better my attempts from a few minuites previously!


The above video in particular im happy with as it is moderatly sharp, you can hear the bird calling, and you can see its glowing red tail shivering, exactly as a Redstart should be doing!


Jason K said...

A good round up of your Shenstone visit Craig and some cracking Redstart photos there mate

midlands birder said...

Cheers jase :)
Nice to see abit of migrant action close to home