Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wales 2012

9/06/12And thats was that!
Another week in Pembrokeshire had been and gone, with only two days birding! The rather atrocious weather leaving much of the rest of the weekend useless for that purpose, although lots of time was spent with my girlfriend, Out and about with her, and with family, so the weather didnt affect things too much!

The usual RED KITE count taken place on the way back was in better weather, with it being sunny most of the way! (Sods law!) but we were left shocked at the MASSIVE floods around the river adjacent to the road coming into Llandovery, Massive area's had been covered by flood water and looked amazing. If only we had stopped for a scan :(

The c20 mile radious of Llandovery agian was the hotspot. And we reached a total of 27+, Which was nearing the highest total iver ever had!

We paused in Llandovery where i got a few photo's of the Kites as they soared over chimneytops in the town centre!
I also had a very nice ham salad baguette from the cafe opposite the 'castle car park'.
I returned home about 3, and i was only the patch soon after!


Pam said...

I have just caught up with the remaining posts on your Wales holiday Craig! Super reading and images! Glad you got your Puffin....Puffins! Well done on a splendid post!

midlands birder said...

Thankyou pam, its always nice to read someone has actually enjoyed reading the stuff i post :)
Im very glad i got a 'on the deck' Puffin too :)