Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sheepwash- Birding doldrums

To say midsummer birding doldrums were upon us was an understatement. 2 Common Tern over the main lake were the only avian interest.

The insect life however, was (luckily) more interesting!
Highlight must go to a female BLACK-TAILED SKIMMER we had around the small marshy pools, a stunning dragonfly!

We also spent lots of time looking throught the large numbers of both Common Blue, Blue Tailed and Azure Damselflies and eventually found something different.
A 'Blue-tailed' Damselfly with big red eyes. My first ever RED-TAILED DAMSELFLIES. In total, 3 Red eyes were around the lilly pads in the fishing pool, and believe it or not, they stopped still long enought for me to digiscope!!! one!

(Is this potentially the first digiscoped Red eyed Damselfly? :P)

Butterflys were almost no-existant in the nasty weather, with only a single female Brimstone.

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