Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Patch- OTTER!

Having just arrived back from Wales, after a short period of shopping i was back on the patch, and the highlight was showing very soon after arrival, i walked through the gap in the limestone following the riverside footpath, and as the view opened up over the river i saw something in the water. With just its heas showing, i immidiatly recognised it as a OTTER! The first wild Otter ive ever seen!!
The size alone showed that this individual was a dog Otter, and i was treated to superb views of it in the water on the opposite bank, about 50ft away, It just sat in the water, with its head showing. then would suddenly dive to resurface a few seconds after! What a way to get a lifer!
After a minuite or two however. It disapeared under some overhanging trees, and didnt re-appear.

The remainder of the walk back home was rather un-eventful, and i didnt really see much, but that didnt matter, i saw a dog OTTER on the patch!


Rob Stokes said...

Hi MB that is a excellent find , i only saw my first Otter last year on Shetland but to have one on your local patch is amazing .

midlands birder said...

Cheers Rob.
This was my first wild Otter, and to have it on the patch was just amazing. Hopefully one of many more sightings in the future!