Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wales 2012

The yearly week holiday to the gorgeous country of Pembrokeshire was upon us!

I look foward to our yearly visit here, it is a rare opporotunity to get away from midland birding and see something different, and the place is just so stunning!
I usally get out to a few places out birding, my favorite on the 'list' being the Stackpole Head area, one with sheer cliffs and a stunning beach, and a good few decent birds. We also got out to a few 'rarity' hotspots and did abit of watching there, although being early june, we wernt going to get many migrants.

This year, im going to seperate locations apart from each other, so instead of doing a blog post on a day, i will instead do it on a site. This will make it a little easier for me at the formatting stage.

But to start off. the annual 'Big Red kite count'.
On our journey from North Worcestershire to Pembrokeshire, i counted 31 RED KITE in the skies above us, every single one after the welsh border, with the highest concentration being in the 20 mile radius surrounding Llandovery, which has always been the area i see the most.


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