Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Patch, Club-tailed mass emergence

I agian walked to Blackstone to video the recently hatched Mandain chicks, and i was very relieved when i located the female sith all 4 of her chicks from the previous evening.
Sitting on the opposite bank i was able to get decent views of her chicks, but no-where near as intimate views as last year (Picture of chicks in header picture). However, i got the usual video, and i did chuckle slightly when in the video, the female Mandarin seems to kick her chick off the bank into the water a short distance below!

I checked the area to the south of the road bridge, but didnt see much else. So i walked back south. By now it was warming up nicely, the sun shining heavilly on the riverbank plants, which were now teeming with Demoiselles!
In the area adjecent to first Caravan site at blackstone, i paused as a Dragonfly 'got up' in front of me and flew a short distance away to perch on a small bush!
I peered over the bankside vegitation, and saw a CLUB-TAILED DRAGONFLY! Only my 3rd one, quickly following one the previous week! I text the news out to a few local interested folk and walked on...

Hold on!

Theres another one!

Awsome, 2 Club-tails, my first multiple record!

As i walked it became increasingly obvious that many flying insects had emerged this morning, and there wasnt a single plant along this 1-2 mile stretch that didnt hold a Banded/Beautiful Demoiselle, or one of their smaller cousins, Damselflies. They were litterally everywhere.

But as i continued walking slowly, i kept seeing more and more Club-Tails, including a party of 3 in one small area!
By the time i veered away from the river to go back to the garden, i had counted a mindnumbing 19 Club-tailed Dragonflies, almost 10 times the amount ive seen previously!
A few of these Dragonflies perched long enought for me to get a few snaps, although non were particuarly confiding.

Its always good on a quiet summers day birdwise to just switch to 'insect' mode. Being particuarly fond of the Dragonfly family it certainly makes a decent distraction!

Totals for walk:
19 Club-Tailed Dragonfly
c80 Banded Demoiselle
20+ Beautiful Demoiselle
3+ Large Red Damselfly
- Common Blue Damselflies
(Lots of immature's that were un-id'd)

In the evening after shopping, i again visited the patch, but added very little, the Insects had now all dissapeared, however, a drake Mandarin was a new addition, however sad news regarding the Mandarin chicks, as only 3 chicks remained, so one had been predated/lost in the 8 hours since i had left them earlier.

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