Monday, 11 June 2012

Patch- Hobby suprise

An after shopping visit to the patch was rewarded in a couple of ways, firstly i found a Kingfisher nest nestled up against a bank, which was a nice reward.
But by far the highlight, was when walked past the riverside fields, i clocked onto 3 small falcons swooping above me.
Only earlier in the day had i been complaining about the lack of Hobby i get on the patch, so now here i was, standing awestruck and 3 HOBBY hawked flies above my head, giving amazing views. Just me and 3 Hobby.
The sun was now setting, and i spent over 1 1/2 hours watching the birds constantly as they worked their way around the sky and above Ribblesford wood.
As they were constantly on view, i even grabbed the scope, and got a few record shots.

This shot contains 2/3 Hobby

And this Picture demonstrates the agility of these superb summer migrant falcons, just as it swopped upwards to catch an insect.

I eventually tore myself away from the birds around 9:30 PM, with the birds still hawking above my head.
Also a nice suprise was while watching the Hobbys, a drake Mandarin flew south, and i had the Mandarin, a Hobby and the Moon in the same field of view.


Pam said...

You just need a perched Hobby now then Craig! What a performance they gave33, really pleased for you!

It is moments as you describe especially with the the Mandarin, Hobby and Moon in the same field of view that make Birding so very special!

Pam said...

Oops...the 33 is supposed to be one of the characters for posting my comment! Goodness knows how it ended up in my!

Jason K said...

I'm rather envious...not had a Hobby at Shenstone yet this year!

Rob Stokes said...

Excellent birding moment you had there Craig , Hobby has to be one of my fav birds of prey .