Saturday, 5 March 2011

Upton warren

With the distant views of the pink foooted goose from the archery field at the flashes i decided ti have a look from there again, but was supprised when i reached the brow of the hill to find the flock of greylags feeding about 40 metres away, and with the flock was the PINK FOOTED GOOSE.......
I took a few videos and pics and slowly walked away from the birds and down to the flashes.

We were greeted by the sight of a returned AVOCET, only 1 so far but a great bird to watch...

i looked in the lapwing flock at the back and there was a WIGEON. and after a bit of watching the bird it flapped its wings, showing it lacked white patch's pointing to the fact that the bird was a 1st winter.......


PInk footed goose

3 Shelduck

2 Gadwall


1 OYC (moors pool)



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