Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bittel res.....


after some buisness in kidderminster, and a check of broadwaters to see if the waxwing flock was still around failed we decided to head to upper Bittel res.

A small flock of tufted duck was on the small fishing pools but i walked past ( as i would usually do) straight up onto the causeway.

The reason for this rush..

A drake RED BREASTED MERGANSER had been seen here earlier in the morning, and on getting onto the causeway it was obvious that the bird was still there, asleap in the centre of the res.

and a stunning drk!!!!

while it was still asleap though i decided to scan the whole res and picked up 10 Goosander, 20c GC grebe, 2 Shoveler, 1 grey waggie and a marsh tit was calling behind us.

The merganser decided to swin very close to the shore as the wind picked up and my battery level fell ( forgot to charge it up), it was a race against time, get a good pic before the battery run out, 15 mins after, the diver was swimming around in front of the sailing pool 'compound', giving stunning scope views, but the strong wind prevented me from getting any sharp photos or videos.

When my camera battery ran out we decided to leave with it getting very cold by now. and i didnt want to regret my camera running out of battery if it came any closer..


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