Wednesday, 16 March 2011



With the BRAMBLING in the wood i tried to get up early, but as usual, schools holidays and all, i was not in the mood, but at 10 Am ( quite early) i got a shout from my dad going 'BRAMBLING!!!', i was drifting in and out of consiousness but heard the cry from heaven, and on with my jeans, run to the window.

Garden tick in the bag..

A female BRAMBLING was pottering about below the feeders with the Siskin and Chaffinch.

I quickly grabbed the scope, placed it in the sink with the tripod on the lowest setting ( you can only view our feeders from the window at the sink). and aimed at the Bird.

A quick rushed video of the Brambling.


it was while filming the bird that i noticed on the moniter that the bird had a ring on its right leg, which i found quite interesting, of cause i couldnt read the ring, but it is a good visual clue to see hows many birds you see.

It was only when the bird flushed to the tree, i looked at the actual feeders, and there was a LESSER REDPOLL female feeding there, after a bit it was joined by another, then another, after a good 2 hours of frenzied feeding activity on the feeders, all the birds flew off into the birch wood at around 12 to feed 'natrually'.

i then had a look at the 150 of so photos i had taken of the birds, admitidly concentrated mostly on the Redpoll flock. but here is a selection....

and now videos...



The female BRAMBLING did drop down once more before the flock flew to the woodland, and as i was on garden watch, here is the video..


And all that in the garden in 2 hours, what a morning, and then it was onto the patch......



Jason K said...

Nice Lesser redpoll photos Craig...wouldnt mind them on my garden list!

Warren Baker said...

Great Garden birds to have :-)

midlands birder said...

Cheers jase and Warren, they are all great garden bird to have, the lesser polls, the bramblings the siskins, just so lucky we have that birch wood so close to our garden that acts as a finch magnet :)