Sunday, 26 December 2010



upton warren

after many tries at waxwings around the county and many dips ( tales of 08-09 winter) i was told about a flock of 5 birds that had been seen at webbs, opposite the sailing club at the warren, natrually we headed down there but was more than supprised when there actually was the 5 birds still there, feeding on the ornimental rowens by the neterance to webbs, and as you can guess they shown better than well, superb almost, within a few metres...

we stayed for about 40 mins photographing them and then left knowing that the whole reserve was frozen..

(im sorry about the video but you will need to tilt your head to the right because i cant find a way to rotate the video. sorry)

what amazing birds!!!!



Andrew Kinghorn said...

They are super birds Waxwings. Nice pics

midlands birder said...

Andrew- cheers for the comment, they are amazing birds,