Sunday, 26 December 2010

Patch 1st!!!!


local patch

for some sycotic reason i had decided to head out onto the patch in the morning in a blizzard, i held it off untill about midday when i headed out, and perhaps more sycoticly me dad followed, we truddged down the track towards the river checking out the feeders on the way, but nothing was showing so onto the river. at the sand martin colony, there was an adult swan feeding on the opposite side of the river, i ignored it.....

but then a MEADOW PIPIT flushed from the long grass beside me but quickly dissapeared under a tussok. so means as well i had already raised my bins, i might as well have a look at the swan....

there was something that wasent right with the bird, i cant explain what but in that first 3 seconds while its head was underwater i just had a feeling. but just as i took my bins from my eyes, the bird lifted its neck and i glimsed a yellow and black bill...

ok that was dodgy, did i just see that, it couldve been the snow... but no...

it really did have a yellow bill with the yellow going under the nostril and it looked pointy faced and snouty so....


ON THE PATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i couldnt believe after neglecting the patch all summer it brings me back with a bird like this!!!!

i know it is only a scarce bird, but come on, i get exited over a wigeon on the patch, but a bloody WHOOPER SWAN. not even in my dreams did i think that i would get a wild swan on the patch.

i made sure this wasent one of those hydrid whooper x mute birds but as you can see, it is just a totally classic whooper..

(1st vid)

(it calls)


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