Saturday, 18 December 2010

Gulls, Gulls everywhere..........


upton warren

the PEC had left us but we was in for a huge treat, we had missed a whooper swan at the warren but turned up anyway for the roost..

an adult YELLOW LEGGED GULL was quickly spotted and i got a short film.

but very quickly i noticed that large numbers on large gulls were dropping onto the deck on the flashes. the flock grew and grew as more and more birds piled in from the SW ( westwood pool???) the flocks of 20-100 were constantly dropping down between c7pm and dark, and just before we left i estimated an amazing 3000c gulls ( 2000 large, 1000 small) had decended upon the flashes

this video shows right at the limet of what i can take in that light, and remeber more gulls dropped in after this video was taken.

being the gull fanatic i am, i was scopeing through the flock all night, with great results.

10+ YELLLOW LEGGED GULL ( 2 1st win, 8 adult)

40c common gull

150c H gull (mostly immature)

1800c LBBG (mostly adult) ( including an intermedius race bird)

1000c BHG,

all i could say was what a spectacle at such a small place...

2 Green sand

27 Curlew

8 Snipe



Warren Baker said...

sounds fantastic :-) I thought i'd done well with my 4 gull species today :-)

midlands birder said...

Warren - it really was a fantastic sight, i find gulls amazing birds, and i am hopeing to get caspo and iceland in the coming weeks :) yay me