Sunday, 7 February 2010


dropped off at the top car park, from where i walked slowly down towards the lake, the crossbill's wernt on show, but 2 siskin and 5 coal tit were noted, a few GSW were drumming in the woodlands. 6 stock dove flew over NW
on the small lake a decent sized flock of LBBG's(71) with BHG's(33). a grey heron shown superbly on the small lake:

with no other birds around i headed up onto the big lake, but it was obvious that the lake was devoid..........

....... but a biker up the far end rode past and out came 65 coot(also 3 more on small lake), and a few seconds later a small party of tuftie ducks, and ven from this range i could pick out a female POCHARD in the flock. rather than following the bird i dropped onto the river for mandarins and goosanders,


not a single bird was on the river, i walked all the way along the river to the end of the resevoir, but only a male kestrel was noted.....

so climbing the bank back up onto the res.......

had a scan for the tuftie flock but they had disspaeared, then i heard them

CROSSBILL'S, i looked up to see a flock of 6 crossbill flying south calling(year tick). i watched them go over the hill and resumed my walk. the walk to the small res was birdless.

on the small lake the POCHARD was refound along with a female tufted duck with extensive white at the base of the bill.

another walk up and down the river was again birdless so back up to the car park.

at the entrance to the water works i again heard crossbills calling, i emerged out the woodland to see 3 crossbills briefly alight attop a larch, then fly south.

i spent 5 mins here but the crossbills didnt return

at the top car park a further 2 crossbill were seen, but this total quickly increased to 5 birds(1+ male). these birds were extremly skitish and were hard to pin down in the scope, therefore no videos but heres one from 31/12/09 anyway:

these birds then also flew south presumable to roost in the wyre forest....

and that concludes my visit to trimpley



Angie said...

Great post.

rob said...

Hi MB , Well done on the Crossbills just wondered if they are over wintering birds or if they are present all year ?? They are not that easy to see down in kent ( or at least i find them tricky to see ) .

midlands birder said...

thanks angie
rob, as far as i know they overwinter here, buts as im sure you know, this can vary with the fluctuations in population,
unless they secretly breed here(HAHA)
surely you get some crossbills in kent somewhere..........

rob said...

Yeah there are some sites in Kent such as rspb Reserve Church wood , and although i have seen them there they are elusive , they do pass through on passage as well its just they always try to avoid me ( Lol )

midlands birder said...

lucky for us worcestrians, the crossbills here show at the edges of our woodlands or next to roads,
cool or what?!!!!!