Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bewick's swans

last year i sent off some pics of some bewick swans i had observed at slimbirdge and a few days ago, i recieved a reply, and 2 of the swans were identified:

this bewick swan is RIDDLER, an adult male(yellow ring, right leg, YXU)

and the bird in this photo is TEAPOT(also male)

teapot is the same age as me at 14!!!!!!!!!!!

and riddler is a good old 19 year old( like my friend tim)

riddler, being the oldest is the most traveled with records from estonia, the netherlands, germany, denmark, and of cause the UK,

teapot, is less traveled with all but 1 of 27 records being in the uk( welney wwt ,norfolk or at slimbridge gloucs......)

bit amazing isnt it, how much you learn from a few rings or in this case, bill paterns, i know i will submit any more rings i see in the future, and you should too, its great



Razboynik said...

Interesting post.

I was reading about the lifespan of different birds, and was surprised to read that Gulls live 10-20 years...

midlands birder said...

I thought the history bit was quite interesting, therefore i posted it......

its amazing how long birds can live isnt it, the oldest bewicks swan was only 1 year older than riddler at 20(but a captive bird reached 30)

rob said...

Hi MB very interesting post , out of interest did " crinkly " return to Slimbridge this winter ?

midlands birder said...

too be honest rob, i dont think it did, may be wrong though, didnt hear about it......