Saturday, 13 February 2010


the visit dawned to be rainy, but it held off for the entire visit.......

on the main lake we saw 2 goosander(1drk) but quickly left as i could hear a flock of goldfinches along the path, i quickly reallised that a huge chunk of the 80c finches was made up off LESSER REDPOLL(40c). we quickly pinned the flock down on the riverbank near the small reed pools by the tunnel to the mound... i eventually got quite close to some of them.

(in the last pic note the very red finch in the top left corner, any ideas, methinks odd lesserpoll, thats how it looked in the field??????)

after a check of the chemical pool(nothing) we headed back onto the main lake where we noted 11 pochard and 14 tufted duck, and a certain unmentionable thing(yes its a duck)..........

the goosander total was now on 4 and there was still only 1 drake


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